King coconut water is a hugely popular natural beverage in tropical regions like Sri Lanka. This refreshing, sweet drink comes from young, green coconuts and provides an array of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients.

Drinking King Coconut water regularly offers many science-backed health perks. Keep reading to learn all about how King coconut water can boost hydration, support digestion, control blood sugar, and more.


Staying well-hydrated is crucial for overall health and energy levels. Dehydration can cause issues like fatigue, headache, muscle cramps, and dizziness.

King coconut water is over 90% pure water, making it an excellent way to meet your daily fluid needs. In addition to pure water, it contains key electrolytes your body needs:

Potassium24 mmol/L
Sodium20 mmol/L
Magnesium11 mmol/L
Calcium6.75 mmol/L

These electrolytes, especially potassium and magnesium, help replenish fluids and restore the body’s fluid balance when you sweat or urinate.

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Drinking king coconut water is a tasty way to rehydrate and replace lost fluids and electrolytes after exercise, on hot summer days, or when you’re under the weather. The naturally occurring electrolytes make King Coconut water an excellent sports drink alternative.

Nutritional Value

In addition to hydration, King Coconut water delivers essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs:

  • It provides immune-supporting vitamin C. One cup contains 40% of your recommended daily vitamin C.
  • It has calcium for strong bones and teeth. One cup provides 10% of your daily calcium.
  • It supplies phosphorus and iron for healthy blood and muscle function.
  • The antioxidants in king coconut water help prevent chronic diseases.
  • It has energizing B vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, and pyridoxine.
  • Best of all, it has zero fat and is very low calorie, with only 45 calories per cup.

With its unique nutrient profile, King Coconut Water provides both hydration and valuable nutrition to support overall wellness. It makes a smart, healthy beverage choice any time of day.

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Digestive Health

King coconut water contains beneficial enzymes and fiber that promote good digestion in a few key ways:

  • The enzymes help properly break down food and absorb nutrients in your GI tract. This improves digestion.
  • The fiber helps regulate bowel movements, preventing issues like constipation and diarrhea.
  • Compounds like monolaurin have cleansing effects to soothe your digestive tract.
  • The minerals magnesium and potassium provide laxative effects for regularity.

Drinking king coconut water keeps your digestive system functioning optimally by supporting healthy digestion and relieving issues like gas and bloating.

Boosts Immunity

King coconut water is packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that boosts immune function. One cup contains 40% of your recommended daily vitamin C.

Vitamin C builds up your defenses by:

  • Fighting off free radicals that damage cells
  • Supporting the production of immune cells
  • Improving skin barrier function

The antioxidants in King coconut water also reduce oxidative stress on immune cells. This strengthens your immune system to help avoid infections and illnesses.

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Electrolyte Replenishment

Dehydration depletes electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, which are essential for body functions. Drinking king coconut water is an effective way to replenish these vital electrolytes.

  • It provides 600mg of potassium per cup, which aids muscle and nerve function.
  • It supplies key minerals like calcium and magnesium for bone health.
  • The electrolytes and fluid in King coconut water help rehydrate you after exercise or illness.

Replenishing your electrolytes maintains fluid balance, muscle function, and overall health. The natural electrolytes in king coconut water make it highly effective for rehydration.

Supports Heart Health

King coconut water contains beneficial minerals that help support cardiovascular health:

  • The potassium helps regulate blood pressure. This reduces your risk of hypertension.
  • It supplies magnesium to maintain heart rhythm and blood flow.
  • The water and electrolytes help thin the blood to prevent clotting.
  • The antioxidants reduce inflammation tied to heart disease.

Drinking king coconut water promotes a healthy heart and reduces your risk of heart disease by regulating blood pressure, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation.

Skin Health

The hydrating properties and nutrients in King coconut water provide several beauty benefits:

  • The water content helps increase skin hydration to maintain suppleness.
  • It contains collagen-boosting vitamin C to reduce wrinkles and lines.
  • The antioxidants neutralize free radicals that damage skin cells and cause aging.
  • It provides B vitamins like biotin to support healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Consuming king coconut water helps skin stay smooth, firm, and radiant by increasing hydration, collagen production, and cell renewal.

Weight Management

King coconut water is an ultra-low-calorie beverage that can support weight loss:

  • It has just 45 calories per cup, making it a low-calorie hydration option.
  • The water and fiber help you feel fuller longer to curb your appetite.
  • It provides natural electrolytes that boost energy for workouts.
  • The potassium helps build metabolism-boosting muscle and burn fat.

Choosing King Coconut water instead of sodas or juices eliminates empty calories while still hydrating and energizing you. This makes it an excellent choice when managing weight.

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Blood Sugar Control

Early research suggests king coconut water may help moderate blood sugar levels:

  • It contains compounds that increase insulin sensitivity to improve glucose metabolism.
  • The minerals like magnesium and manganese support insulin function.
  • It has a low natural sugar content compared to fruit juices.
  • Animal studies show it reduces blood glucose and HbA1c.

While more human research is needed, the preliminary evidence suggests drinking King Coconut water may aid blood sugar management for those with diabetes or prediabetes.

Kidney Health

The hydrating properties and mineral content of king coconut water provide benefits for kidney health:

  • It increases urine production to flush out toxins and excess minerals.
  • The potassium helps prevent kidney stones from forming.
  • It contains citrates that break down kidney stones.
  • The magnesium prevents mineral crystal formation.

Drinking king coconut water regularly promotes overall kidney health by reducing kidney stone risk and improving kidney function.

Antioxidant Properties

King coconut water contains various antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress:

  • It provides immune-boosting vitamin C.
  • It contains antioxidant amino acids like L-arginine.
  • The flavonoids and phenolic compounds have antioxidant effects.
  • These antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage.
  • Consuming antioxidant-rich king coconut water reduces inflammation.

The unique antioxidants make King Coconut water an effective drink for boosting your antioxidant intake and fighting oxidative stress.

Joint Health

The anti-inflammatory compounds in King coconut water can help relieve joint pain:

  • It contains antioxidants that reduce inflammatory cytokines tied to arthritis.
  • Research shows it has strong anti-inflammatory effects to decrease swelling.
  • The potassium supports joint mobility by preventing muscle cramps.
  • The magnesium aids bone strength to protect against injury.

Consuming king coconut water regularly may help reduce joint inflammation, contributing to osteoarthritis.

Headache Prevention

Dehydration is a common trigger for headaches. King coconut water can help prevent dehydration headaches:

  • Its electrolytes, like potassium and magnesium, help restore fluid balance.
  • The potassium also helps reduce nausea associated with headaches.
  • It provides pure water to rehydrate without added sugars.
  • The minerals reduce muscle cramping and tension, which can cause headaches.

Drinking king coconut water is an all-natural way to replenish fluids, electrolytes, and minerals to stop dehydration-induced headaches.

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King coconut water is a nutritious tropical elixir that offers an array of science-backed health benefits. This refreshing beverage is over 90% water with essential electrolytes, minerals, and antioxidants.

Drinking king coconut water regularly promotes hydration, digestion, immunity, heart health, skin beauty, and more. It also aids in weight loss, blood sugar control, kidney function, and joint comfort.

With its great taste and abundance of nutrients, King Coconut water is a smart choice any time you need a revitalizing, low-calorie drink. Add this tropical water to your diet to boost overall wellness.


Is it okay to drink King coconut water everyday?

Generally, yes, for healthy individuals, moderate daily consumption of King coconut water is considered safe. However, consult your doctor if you have pre-existing health conditions like kidney issues or are taking medications.

What does coconut water do for the body?

Coconut water, including King coconut water, helps with hydration and electrolyte replenishment. It provides some nutrients and might offer potential benefits for heart health, digestion, and skin health. However, consult a doctor before relying on it for specific health needs.

Is King coconut good for kidneys?

While King coconut water is naturally diuretic, it generally shouldn’t harm healthy kidneys. However, if you have existing kidney problems, consult your doctor before consuming it regularly.

Is it good to drink King coconut water at night?

There’s no specific harm in drinking King coconut water at night unless you have trouble sleeping due to its diuretic effect. It can be a hydrating and refreshing option before bed.

Does king coconut increase blood sugar?

King coconut water has naturally occurring sugars, slightly higher than regular coconut water. While generally safe for most people, individuals with diabetes or blood sugar concerns should check with their doctor and monitor their intake.


Sam Perera, Founder of Stethostalk, is a food safety follower and organic food lover. He has completed the PLANT-BASED NUTRITION Cornell Certificate Program, Cornell University, US. Before this, he worked for a few years in IT services. A dedicated follower of nature, he believes in healing with natural foods. In his free time, he loves Gardening, Blogging, and traveling.