We all know that using muscle-building protein powder when exercising can make the effect more prominent. Fitness can strengthen the body and let many unpleasant emotions and pressures be forgotten. But, of course, it is also the pursuit of many men to develop a healthy body. So what protein powder is suitable for fitness? What protein powder should I eat to build six-pack abs quickly? In this article, let’s find more about that.

Why eat protein powder for fitness

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Muscle synthesis requires protein.

(Muscle = energy + protein + Pro synthetic nutrients). We can see that protein is a vital substance in the process of muscle synthesis. Protein is a general term, mainly including 20 kinds of amino acids. Different combinations of amino acids become different substances needed by the body.

Exercise consumes a lot of energy.

The energetic exercise of fitness intensifies the catabolism of protein and even the negative balance of protein. Therefore, we should increase the intake of protein, especially the intake of high-quality protein, to ensure the needs of body metabolism and promote muscle synthesis.

The role of protein powder in fitness.

An appropriate increase in protein intake plays an essential role in supplementing protein loss during exercise, increasing muscle strength, promoting hemoglobin synthesis, and eliminating fatigue. Therefore, if fitness aims to gain weight and muscle, it is an excellent choice to supplement protein powder appropriately.

How to eat protein powder

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The best time to use protein powder

Three nutrients are absorbed in the golden hour. That means, After training, after getting up, and before going to bed. Grasp these three periods will significantly improve your nutritional support level. It is particularly important, especially for thin people who need to gain muscle and weight.

Don’t drink protein powder on an empty stomach

It is suggested to supplement some other foods when drinking muscle strengthening powder. For example, bread slices, steamed bread, and other carbohydrates-rich foods can satisfy hunger.

Don’t drink whenever you think of protein powder

You should pay attention to the drinking time of protein powder. Generally, it is better to drink one cup after exercise and 30 minutes before going to bed at night. It would be best to determine the intake of protein powder according to your situation. You should not only rely on muscle protein powder but also be diligent in exercise.

Don’t overdose protein powder

For some people, the first 1-2 weeks of use are controlled according to the number of user instructions. However, if they find that they have no effect after 1-2 weeks, they begin to increase the amount of use. In fact, this has no effect. Therefore, it is advisable to supplement 30-50 grams of protein powder every day.

Don’t just drink

Exercise can regulate the secretions of the human body. In the stage of fitness and weight gain, an appropriate amount of exercise can stimulate the body’s activity. When the body is in a more active state, nutritional supplements can maximize the effect of protein powder.

Precautions for purchasing protein powder

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The brand must be not uncommon, but you must comprehend it. Each brand product has its own characteristics, and more importantly, cost-effectiveness. Therefore, we must choose a brand with higher cost-effectiveness.

Product composition

This is the most important. The two main components of protein powder are protein and carbohydrates. Protein is used for absorption, and carbohydrate is used for consumption. Therefore, choosing a reasonable proportion of protein powder is necessary according to your diet and fitness intensity.

Eating precautions

The protein powder itself does not have any side effects, but it contains a lot of protein, so some people need to pay attention to protein supplements if they can’t take the protein powder.

Manufacturing process

The extraction process of whey protein can be divided into concentrated whey protein, separated whey protein, and hydrolyzed whey protein. The later the manufacturing, the higher the extraction process and the higher the price.

Misunderstandings in the use of protein powder

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Can protein powder easily lead to obesity?

Not necessarily. In the use of muscle strengthening powder, as long as you pay attention to calculating your own calorie demand, and then make a plan to increase or reduce your daily consumption and ensure that the intake of carbohydrates is within the recommended range, you can provide enough calories for muscle strengthening and give full play to the important role of carbohydrates in muscle strengthening without increasing body fat.

Can muscle protein be eaten to increase muscle?

NO! protein powder is a kind of nutritional supplement with a reasonable ratio of sugar and protein, which can effectively supplement calories and protein and promote recovery and muscle growth after exercise.

However, to make the protein powder give full play to the best muscle strengthening effect, we should also formulate a scientific and reasonable training plan and dietary nutrition plan. Facts have proved that the scientific use of bodybuilding supplements will significantly improve your training effect, while casual and unscientific use will have no effect.

Protein powder is suitable for all people who want to increase muscle?

There are roughly three groups for bodybuilding training: lean type, strong type, and obese type. Protein powder is suitable for the first two types.

Protein powder is usually used for daily calorie and protein intake. However, if your calorie intake is high at ordinary times, you don’t need to use protein powder. Still, you can replace whey, egg white, and pyruvate creatine to appropriately increase fat-reducing ingredients.


Sam Perera, Founder of Stethostalk, is a food safety follower and organic food lover. He has completed the PLANT-BASED NUTRITION Cornell Certificate Program, Cornell University, US. Before this, he worked for a few years in IT services. A dedicated follower of nature, he believes in healing with natural foods. In his free time, he loves Gardening, Blogging, and traveling.