Chrysanthemum tea has an exciting fragrance and sweet taste. It can clear away and relieve heat, especially in the dry season. When people hear about it, they are usually deeply sought after. Once they drink it, they will love it. There are many functions of chrysanthemum tea. Here I will reveal the benefits, uses, and precautions of chrysanthemum tea and teach you how to make it.

Potential benefits of chrysanthemum tea

Benefits of chrysanthemum tea

1. Improvs eyesight

Chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene. Therefore, It is perfect for your eyes. Thus, drinking chrysanthemum tea for a long time can protect your eyes.

Some students do their homework at night and have some problems with their eyesight. they can relieve this situation by drinking chrysanthemum tea during the day

2. Prevents eye being tired

Because of work and other reasons, people who often use computers will have symptoms of eye fatigue. If you are a computer person Usually, you can make a cup of chrysanthemum tea to drink. It will be beneficial to reduce the symptoms of eye fatigue.

If you drink three to four cups of chrysanthemum tea every day, it will be helpful to restore your eyesight.

3. Treats eye swelling

You may notice that some people have swollen eyes after going to bed late or when they wake up. At this time, you can use a cotton swab to dip the chrysanthemum tea and gently apply it to the swollen part of the eye. The swelling will gradually disappear. This is because chrysanthemum tea has the effect of eliminating edema.

4. Relieves body heat

The chrysanthemum is a kind of food material and a kind of medicinal material. According to ancient records, chrysanthemum has a bitter taste and has a cold nature. That is why the elderly usually say that chrysanthemum tea can reduce body heat.

Chrysanthemum tea can reduce fire because chrysanthemum is mainly medicine for dispersing heat. Its main functions are clearing heat, calming the liver, improving eyesight, and detoxifying, etc.

Therefore, drinking chrysanthemum tea can reduce fire by clearing away fire. In addition, it has specific therapeutic effects on some patients who can easily get fire. For example, It is perfect for throat pain and oral ulcers caused by liver fire.

5. Improves and refreshes mindset

Chrysanthemum tea has a strong aroma, and it will make you refreshing. Also, it has certain effects of relaxing nerves and relieving headaches.

In daily life, drinking chrysanthemum tea plays a role in nourishing the mind. For office workers who often work overtime and stay up late, it is certainly beneficial to drink more chrysanthemum tea.

6. Prevents bacterial infections

Experiments have shown that the essential oils of chrysanthemum flowers have antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. The bactericidal effect of chrysanthemum tea is also excellent. It has a perfect inhibitory effect on many bacteria and viruses in our body. If some bacteria or viruses cause diseases, we can drink more chrysanthemum tea at this time.

7. Prevents cardiovascular disease

Chrysanthemum tea can help expand the coronary artery and increase the blood flow of the coronary artery. Therefore, it can relieve hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, and other heart diseases.

8. Effects for Anti-aging

Chrysanthemum tea contains flavonoids, which have a strong antioxidant effect. Therefore it can remove free radicals in the human body. Hence, It has the effect of anti-aging.

Chrysanthemum infusion can clear up skin irritation, redness, and chronic conditions. It can also reduce the signs of aging, such as skin wrinkles and scars.

Precautions and side effects of chrysanthemum tea

side effects of chrysanthemum tea

Drink less if you have a deficiency in the spleen and stomach

Chrysanthemum is not suitable for long-term continuous drinking. Generally, it is suitable for 3 ~ 5 days. People with a deficiency of spleen and stomach are suitable to drink it less.

Drinking more cool chrysanthemum tea is also easy to cause stomach discomfort and acid reflux. So it can see that using chrysanthemum tea to reduce fire and clear heat is also optional. It’s not effective for all people.

Pay attention to adding sugar to tea

When drinking chrysanthemum tea, some people like to add a few sugars to increase the taste. Chrysanthemum tea and sugar are all right, but for those with diabetes or high blood sugar.

In addition, some people with spleen deficiency should not add sugar because too sweet tea will lead to such people’s sticky or sour mouth, increased saliva, and discomfort.

Therefore, If you don’t know your physique, you should drink chrysanthemum tea without sugar. Instead, you can brew and drink it directly with hot water.

Select small and yellow chrysanthemums for tea

Chrysanthemums are easy to grow mildew and insects. Therefore, the quality of chrysanthemums in the market is uneven. People who don’t know how to choose good chrysanthemums will choose chrysanthemums with white flowers and large flowers. But, In fact, the small, ugly, yellow chrysanthemums are the best choice.

The elderly must be careful when drinking

Maybe you think that drinking chrysanthemum tea can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol for the elderly. But the elderly have a limited digestive function and weak spleen and stomach. So drinking chrysanthemum tea may cause gastrointestinal diseases for them. So the elderly should be careful when drinking it.

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Pregnant women should not drink

As I said above, chrysanthemum tea is cold in nature and sweet in taste. It has the excellent effect of removing fire. However, pregnant women have low immunity and weak spleen and stomach.

Drinking chrysanthemum tea is easy to stimulate the intestines and stomach, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other symptoms for them. Also, It is not helpful to the healthy growth of the fetus.

Don’t drink if you have an allergy

Some people will be allergic to chrysanthemum tea. When they drink chrysanthemum tea, they will cause skin redness, swelling, rash, and other allergic phenomena.

Therefore, those people with allergic constitution drink chrysanthemum tea will have side effects, which is harmful to their health.

People with cold constitutions must avoid it

People with a cold constitution are afraid of a cold, weak body, weak spleen and stomach, and low immunity. Even in summer, they will have cold hands and feet, diarrhea, gastrointestinal discomfort, and other symptoms.

Chrysanthemum tea is cold, which will only increase their symptoms and be harmful to health. So they should avoid it.

Does chrysanthemum tea have caffeine

Chrysanthemum does not contain caffeine, so it will not affect sleep. Therefore, it is safe to drink chrysanthemum tea at night. Also, chrysanthemum has the effect of removing heat.

In addition, chrysanthemum entering the liver meridian can clear the liver heat, treat the symptoms of headache, red eyes caused by liver heat disturbance. Therefore, you can drink chrysanthemum tea at night.

What is the best time to drink chrysanthemum tea

best time to drink chrysanthemum tea

The best time to drink chrysanthemum tea is around two o’clock in the afternoon

It is not advisable to drink chrysanthemum tea immediately after a meal. It is easy to cause mild diarrhea. Around two o’clock in the afternoon is just a period of rest after eating. Drinking chrysanthemum tea around two o’clock in the afternoon is good for absorbing chrysanthemum tea and will not cause adverse reactions. So it is best at this time.

Can chrysanthemum tea use for weight loss

For people who are obese, drinking chrysanthemum tea has the effect of losing weight. Drinking chrysanthemum tea is conducive to the consumption of body fat, which can achieve the effect of weight loss. But it is not very obvious.

In terms of diet, If you want to lose weight, you need to control your calories and fat intake.

How to make chrysanthemum tea

How to make chrysanthemum tea (1.40m)

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