We can divide kiwifruit into three types according to the color of the core: red kiwi, yellow kiwi (golden kiwi), and green kiwi. Among them, the production of red kiwifruit is relatively low, and the price is relatively high.

Therefore, you can see golden and green kiwis mainly in fruit shops. The difference between golden kiwi and green kiwi is mainly reflected in the variety, appearance, maturity time, taste, nutrition, price, etc.

In general, kiwifruit with yellow flesh has a sweeter and better taste. In contrast, kiwifruit with green flesh has higher nutritional value and is more affordable.

So what are the differences between golden kiwi and green kiwi, and how to choose them based on your taste. Let’s learn the differences and selection points.

Golden kiwi vs green kiwi: What is the difference?

Kiwi fruit tastes soft and sweet and is favored by fruit lovers. There are two primary varieties of kiwi fruit that I mentioned before; one is the green kiwi, and the other is the golden kiwi. The red kiwi is relatively rare, so the general comparison is between green and golden kiwi. Here are the differences between golden and green kiwis.


The kiwi fruit with yellow flesh (Actinidia chinensis) is also called the golden kiwi. It is a juicy, fragrant, sweet, pleasantly sweet, and sour taste. It is one of some 40 varieties of kiwi fruits.

The green kiwi is also called fuzzy kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa). Its flesh is green, with a slightly sour taste than golden kiwi. It is extremely resistant to storage. But it has high and stable yields.

Green Kiwi


The overall fruit shape of the golden kiwi is relatively long, the head is relatively flat, and the peel is yellow. It has smooth, hairless, golden-brown skin with yellow flesh inside.

The green kiwi is large, and the fruit is conical; the peel is green-brown. It has fuzzy, brown skin with bright green flesh inside.

Maturity time

The ripening time of golden kiwi is relatively long, and the ripening time of green kiwi is relatively short.


The golden kiwi takes longer to mature and receives natural sunlight for a longer time. Hence, the golden kiwi fruit tastes sweeter and has a less tangy flavor than the green kiwi fruit.


Both golden and green kiwifruit belong to kiwifruit, and the main nutrients are similar.

However, experiments show that every 100 grams of green kiwi contain 62 mg of vitamin C, and every 100 grams of golden kiwi contains 108.58 mg of vitamin C.

The amount of polyphenols in the antioxidant components of the golden kiwi fruit is also 1.2 times higher than that of the green kiwi fruit.

In contrast, green kiwi is high in folate and potassium.


Golden kiwis are slightly more expensive than green kiwis due to their lower availability and higher demand.

Shelf life

Golden kiwi has a shorter shelf life than green kiwi. It spoils more quickly once it’s ripe.

Golden kiwi vs green kiwi - comparison

The nutrient data in this comparison chart was sourced from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

Which is better, golden or green kiwi?

You can select your kiwi fruit as your personal preference. Here I will mention some criteria to help your decision.

In terms of sweetness

The sweetness of kiwifruit is mainly affected by ripening time. The golden kiwi is sweeter than the green kiwi. The green kiwi is the original variety, and it is also a wild variety. The taste is sour and will not be as good as you expected.

In terms of taste

Golden kiwi has higher soluble sugar and lower soluble acid than green kiwifruit, so golden kiwifruit tastes sweeter and softer.

From the perspective of nutritional value

Although the vitamin C content of golden kiwi is higher than that of green kiwi, the nutritional value of green kiwi is higher and contains a lot of vitamin E.

In terms of price

Golden kiwi is more expensive than green kiwi. Green kiwifruit is more affordable.

Golden Kiwi

The golden kiwi is slightly better than the green kiwi, but choosing one still depends on your taste preference.

If you like sweet and sour taste and a softer taste, then choose golden kiwi; If you like a slightly more sour and crisp taste, or if you choose based on nutritional practicability, then choose green kiwi fruit.


Is golden kiwi genetically modified?

No, golden kiwi is not a genetically modified fruit. Golden kiwi is a natural hybrid of two different kiwi fruit species, Actinidia chinensis and Actinidia eriantha. Read more.

Is Gold kiwi sweeter than green?

Yes, gold kiwi is generally considered to be sweeter than green kiwi. The sweetness of gold kiwi is due to its higher sugar content.

Can you eat the skin of a gold kiwi?

Yes, you can eat the skin of a gold kiwi. The skin of a gold kiwi is smooth, hairless, edible, and contains a good amount of fiber and nutrients.

How many kiwis should you eat a day?

The recommended daily kiwifruit intake varies depending on age, sex, and overall health status. However, as a general rule, eating 1-2 kiwi daily is safe and can provide several health benefits.

Is golden kiwi a laxative?

Golden kiwi is a good source of fiber, with one fruit providing approximately 2-3 grams of fiber. Dietary fibre helps to add bulk to stool, which can help promote regularity and prevent constipation. Additionally, kiwifruit contains an enzyme called actinidin, which has been shown to aid digestion and may help to alleviate constipation.


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