In addition to the typical green core kiwi and yellow heart kiwifruit, there is also red heart kiwifruit. If you like to eat kiwifruit, you should try each type of kiwifruit. Each kind of kiwifruit also has a different taste, but some people find that there is a smell or taste of alcohol in kiwifruit when eating. So what’s we have to do when kiwi fruit tastes like alcohol? Let’s have a look.

First of all, let’s clear out the question that many peoples have “Does kiwi produce alcohol.” The kiwi fruit does not contain alcohol, but it can be used as wine after fermentation. The principle is the same as that of apples and grapes. Fresh fruits do not contain alcohol. After fermentation, you can produce wine.

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Why does old fruit taste like alcohol

This is because after these fruits are picked, the fruit is still alive, breathing as usual day and night. However, because their peels block the oxygen outside and the room temperature is high, they have to change their respiration route and breathe in a way that doesn’t require oxygen. As a result, the sugar in the fruit turns into alcohol and carbon dioxide, and we smell alcohol. This is what we call fermentation.

Yellow kiwifruit slices

Why does your kiwi taste like alcohol

The reason why kiwi fruit has an alcoholic taste is mainly caused by placing it for too long. Leaving it out for too long will make it overripe, which will cause the substances in it to ferment and produce alcohol so that it will have an alcohol taste.

If it is due to the initial over-ripening fermentation, in this case, there is only a trace of alcohol taste. Here, the kiwi fruit has not begun to rot. Therefore, you can eat it properly without a significant loss of nutrients.

However, if you smell a strong alcohol smell when eating, and it becomes very soft, the kiwi fruit at this time should have already started to rot and shouldn’t eat. Even if it is only partially rotted, it will start to infect other parts, and it is still not suitable to eat. The nutrients in kiwi will change, and it may breed a lot of bacteria, which is not suitable for the human body.

How to choose a good kiwi from alcohol smell kiwis

It depends on the situation. If the kiwi fruit starts to smell like alcohol, you should first check whether the kiwi fruit begins to rot. If there is no rot and juice flow, then you can still eat such kiwi fruit. The nutrients are yet abundant, but the taste is not particularly good when eating. 

Suppose the kiwi fruit has a powerful wine smell, and the texture of the kiwi fruit has become exceptionally soft and even begins to rot and be juicy. In that case, you should not eat such kiwi fruit anymore to avoid adverse health effects.

Unriped kiwifruit on tree

Can pregnant women eat alcoholic taste kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit tastes like alcohol, which means that kiwi fruit may have rotted and deteriorated. Therefore, pregnant women should not eat it. The rotten fruit carries a lot of bacteria. After eating it, pregnant women can easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases such as abdominal pain and diarrhea, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen and will also be disadvantageous.

Pregnant women should try to eat as many flat and fresh fruits as possible during pregnancy, such as apples, grapes, strawberries, cherries, bananas, etc., and eat less hot-tempered fruits.

Also, pay attention to ensure adequate protein intake, eat more chicken, fish, eggs, milk, beans, lean pork, and other foods which are beneficial to the health of the fetus and the mother. And pay attention to more rest, regular work, and rest time. Avoid staying up late, participate in sports appropriately, and prevent excessive weight gain.

Can patients eat alcoholic kiwi fruit

Kiwifruit juice and slices

Because of the nutrients of the kiwi fruit, you may have tried to eat it when you get ill. But can patients eat alcoholic kiwi fruit? If the kiwi fruit smells of alcohol, it may be that the kiwi fruit has deteriorated. If the patient eats the kiwi fruit that contains alcohol, it may cause the accumulation of nutrients in the body that is not easy to digest.

Then cause the patient to have abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other symptoms. Also, these alcoholic taste kiwis make the patient appear other physical diseases, which is not conducive to the patient’s health. Therefore, if kiwi fruit tastes like alcohol, the patients should not eat it. If the patient accidentally swallows it, he should go to the hospital or get medical treatment in time.


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