Jasmine tea is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is made by blending and scenting tea and jasmine flowers so that the tea can absorb the fragrance of jasmine flowers. Drinking jasmine tea for women can beautify the skin, whiten the skin, and also resist aging. It can also dredge the human intestines and stomach, defecate and lose weight. It also has a huge effect and efficacy in fighting bacteria and viruses to cure cancer.

However, jasmine tea is cool in nature, and people with poor gastrointestinal conditions should drink less. The following is a detailed introduction to the jasmine tea benefits, as well as the side effects and contraindications of jasmine tea.

Benefits of drinking jasmine tea

Jasmine has always been popular with everyone for its light fragrance, but few are known about its efficacy and benefits. If you like to drink jasmine tea, you must fully understand the effectiveness and function of jasmine tea so that you can give yourself a reason to love jasmine tea. So let’s have a look.

Jasmine Tea Benefits Infographic

Loses weight

Jasmine tea contains a lot of catechins, cholestenone, caffeine, inositol, folic acid, and other components. These components can effectively prevent and inhibit obesity under the comprehensive action of the human body.

Now in some countries, jasmine tea is popular as weight loss tea. At the same time, studies have found that jasmine tea has a powerful effect on breaking down fat, which can help the body effectively relieve greasy, help digestion, and lose weight.

In an experiment, researchers found that people who regularly drink jasmine tea are much slimmer than those who do not drink jasmine tea, and their body smell is fresh and healthy. This is the beauty of jasmine, and research has found that regular consumption of jasmine tea also has a good effect on reducing triglycerides and cholesterol in the human body.

Supplies extra nutrition

When you brew and drink jasmine tea at regular times, they can absorb rich vitamin C and catechin and a large number of tea polyphenols, caffeine, aromatic oil, and other nutrients beneficial to the human body.

These substances can improve the activity of human tissues and cells, accelerate human metabolism, improve the functions of human organs, promote human development, and maintain human health.

Prevents tooth decay

After research, it is found that gargling with jasmine or brushing teeth every day can effectively remove bad breath and prevent dental caries. The reason why tea prevents tooth decay is that jasmine tea contains a lot of fluorine. This substance has a great affinity with teeth calcium and can become a kind of “neon apatite,” which is more difficult to dissolve in acid.

Fluorine adds a protective layer to our teeth, which effectively improves teeth’ anti-acid and caries ability. Therefore, drinking jasmine tea to prevent caries is one of the ways of dental health care.

Prevents cardiovascular diseases

According to the latest research, it is found that regular consumption of jasmine tea can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially coronary heart disease. In addition, studies have found that regular consumption of jasmine tea in life can also effectively lower blood lipids. At the same time, jasmine tea can also reduce cholesterol.

Not only that but also experts have conducted research on the relationship between tea drinking and coronary heart disease and found that people who regularly drink tea have a 1.4% chance of having coronary heart disease.

In contrast, people who do not drink jasmine tea often have a high risk of coronary heart disease. 3.1%. Therefore, experts suggest that patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases need to drink more jasmine tea and various teas in their daily lives. It will be beneficial to enhance and protect the function of the heart.

Soothes nervous system

Soothing the nervous system is also one of the crucial effects of jasmine tea. Some nutrients contained in it can directly act on the human nervous.

Especially geraniol and aromatic oil contains in jasmine tea mainly affects the human nervous. It significantly regulates central nervous functions, improves people’s tension, anxiety, and irritability as soon as possible, and puts people’s nervous in a healthy and relaxed state.

Treats intestinal diseases

Research data shows that tea has a good effect on treating intestinal diseases due to the polyphenols in tea. The polyphenols contained in tea can make proteins coagulate and precipitate.

At the same time, it can also bind with single-celled bacteria to coagulate the protein and kill the bacteria. So, for example, cholera bacteria, typhoid bacilli, and E. coli, which are more harmful to the intestines, only need to be soaked in strong tea for a few minutes, and most of them will lose their ability to move.

In addition to the functions mentioned above and the effects of jasmine tea, it also has a good beauty effect. Therefore, it is recommended that females drink more in their daily lives.

Reduces inflammation and toxins

Jasmine has a heavy fragrance. The flower tea made of jasmine can eliminate flatulence, eliminate inflammation and detoxification, and improve the immune system.

Regular drinking of jasmine tea can eliminate the toxins brought by dysentery, conjunctivitis, and other diseases and inhibit the growth of these bacteria. In addition, drinking jasmine tea can eliminate all kinds of inflammation in the body.

Precautions of drinking jasmine tea

Jasmine flowers and Tea

Although jasmine tea is good, the contraindications are obvious when drinking it. The most important thing is that people with dry intestines and constipation should not drink it. Otherwise, it will aggravate the symptoms.

In addition, jasmine tea should not be consumed in excess. Otherwise, it will harm the stomach, cause dizziness, nausea, and will directly threaten people’s health.

May cause anemia

Jasmine tea contains a substance that can hinder the body’s absorption of iron and calcium. Therefore, if you drink jasmine tea for a long time, you will be prone to signs of anemia. At the same time, it will also have a specific impact on the body’s bones and teeth. Therefore, people with anemia, a weak body, and the elderly should not drink jasmine tea.

May cause insomnia

Jasmine tea should not be drunk on an empty stomach. Drinking jasmine tea while on an empty stomach can make people feel dizzy and may even cause insomnia.

Sleep is crucial to people. If you don’t sleep well at night, you will not have the energy to complete your job during the day. If things go on like this, many diseases will develop. Therefore, never drink jasmine tea on an empty stomach.

People with cool bodies should be careful

Nature of jasmine tea is a relatively cool drink, so don’t drink it for those who have a bad stomach. However, if the stomach is very weak, then drink a cup of jasmine tea, then you are likely to have stomach pains and diarrhea. In the same way, some frail elderly and children should not drink jasmine tea regularly.


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