Naked oats are native to China. After the 16th century, it spread to Europe. Many people think that naked oats and oats are the same, but their names are different, and they are not the same. Naked oats are just a type of oats. Let’s check out what are the details.

Are oats and naked oats the same? What is the difference between the two?

Naked oats and oats are mainly different in name. Naked oats are also called oiled wheat, but they are often called differently in other places. Oats are called fragrant oats. Naked oats are just a sub kind of oats.

Nutrition value of oatmeal

Naked oats and oats have different appearances. The naked oats plant’s height is usually about 70 cm, with 2 to 3 nodes, and the yield after planting is relatively high.

Oats are taller than wheat, with a plant height of about 90 cm and 2 to 4 nodes, but the yield after planting is lower.

naked oats

How to eat naked oats

  1. Fry and eat

You can fry and eat naked oats. When you needed, directly put the dried naked oats in an iron pan and stir-fry them slowly over low heat. After they are cooked, their color will darken, and they can smell rich. Cool down after being out of the pot and store in a dry place. When needed, directly take 10~20 grams, put it directly in a clean glass, and add boiling water to brew. You can drink the soup, and the rest of the wheat can eat now.

  1. Flour to eat

You can eat naked oats after ground into flour. Raw naked oats that have not been processed need to be processed again after ground into flour. You can make a paste directly with boiling water and add a small amount of sugar to taste.

  1. Make noodles

There are many different ways to eat naked oats after being ground into flour. The easiest way is to use it to make noodles. When making it, you need to match the right amount of flour, put it together with the flour made from naked oats, and add an appropriate amount. Mix thoroughly with water, knead them into a dough, use a rolling pin to make noodles, cook the noodles according to their habits, and finally eat them after they are out of the pan.

  1. Make steamed buns

You can make naked oat flour into different pasta for human consumption. It is a good choice to make steamed buns. You can take proper naked oat flour and wheat flour together, add the proper amount of milk, and then add the proper amount of yeast. Mix the dough with warm water and let it ferment. After it is fermented, take it out and knead it to make a steamed bun. Finally, put it in a steamer and steam it.

Anyway, read about eating oats in particular situations. It would help you more.

Benefits of eating naked oats

Lose weight

Losing weight and preventing obesity is an important benefit for people to eat naked oats. After entering the body, the dietary fiber can absorb water and expand, soften stools, promote intestinal peristalsis, shorten the body’s defecation time, and prevent garbage and food residues stasis stays in the body.

Naked oats can also increase the body’s feeling of fullness and reduce other foods’ intake. Usually, people eating naked oats can maintain normal metabolism of the body and significantly reduce weight. It has a pronounced effect on weight loss and obesity prevention.

Prevent arteriosclerosis

Naked oats have apparent cardiovascular protective effects and prevent arteriosclerosis. It is the most significant benefit of people eating it. It can purify the blood, clean up the calcium, fat, and cholesterol in the blood.

Also, it can enhance the toughness and elasticity of the blood vessel wall. Eating Naked oats promotes blood circulation and increases the antioxidant capacity of blood vessels. It can improve cardiovascular health and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Lower cholesterol

Naked oats can purify the blood. It contains a natural saponin and reduces blood viscosity. Also, it contains linoleic acid. Linolenic acid is absorbed by the body, clean up the blood cholesterol and glycerol triester. It can promote blood circulation at the same time. Naked oats play an important role in stabilizing blood pressure and blood lipids.

Prevent skin diseases

Naked oats are rich in saponins and a variety of vitamins that are beneficial to the human body. Among them, the content of vitamin B is exceptionally high. It is an essential existence for maintaining human health. If the human body cannot absorb abundantly, vitamin B will cause skin lesions. Besides, oral inflammation is high, and people’s consumption of naked oats can satisfy the human body’s need for vitamin B and prevent skin diseases from developing.

Improve physical fitness

Naked oats are a kind of food with high nutritional value. It can use as a staple food for people to eat. After eating it, you can absorb many plant proteins and carbohydrates and absorb rich dietary fiber and vitamins. These substances can promote human metabolism. It can enhance the functions of various organs of the human body and accelerate toxins’ metabolism in the human body.

Prevent diabetes

Preventing diabetes is an important effect of naked oats. It is a low-fat, low-calorie, and low-sugar healthy food. It contains a lot of dietary fiber. After people use it, it can accelerate the metabolism of excess carbohydrates in the body, enhance the body’s sugar tolerance, and regulate the endocrine.

Naked oats can promote insulin production, which can keep human blood sugar in a stable state. Regular consumption of naked oats can prevent blood sugar from rising and reduce the incidence of diabetes.

Promote human development

Naked oats are a food crop with high nutritional value. People use it to not only absorb abundant protein but also absorb some linoleic acid and linolenic acid. These substances are essential nutrients for normal human development.

After entering the human body, the protein in naked oats converts into various amino acids needed by the human body as soon as possible. It can maintain the human body’s regular metabolism and improve different organs’ function in the body.


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