Bayberry (Myrica rubra) is sweet and sour plums that are very delicious and appetizing. It helps to replenish trace elements in the human body. It is rich in cellulose, mineral elements, vitamins, protein, fat, pectin, and 8 kinds of amino acids.

What is the nutritional value of bayberry

Bayberry benefits - Infographic

Cancer prevention and anti-cancer effect

Bayberry contains vitamins C and B, which have a positive effect on cancer prevention and anti-cancer. In addition, the core of bayberry contains vitamin B17, which is a kind of anticancer substance. Moreover, the cyanogenic glycosides and fatty oils contained in it also inhibit cancer cells.

Appetizing and detoxification effect

Bayberry has the effect of producing body fluid to relieve thirst, stimulating the spleen, and appetizing. Eating more has the effect of detoxification and cold dispelling. The core of bayberry can cure beriberi, and the root can stop bleeding. Berry barks soaked in wine can cure injuries, swelling, and pain.

Help digestion and relieve diarrhea

The fresh bayberry tastes sour. However, it contains a variety of organic acids, and vitamin C content is also vibrant. Eating it can increase the acidity in the stomach, digest food, and promote appetite.

Take the bayberry soup when you have diarrhea. It can relieve diarrhea. Bayberry has many medical functions such as dehumidification, reducing heat, promoting body fluid, relieving cough, resisting cold, preventing cholera, and so on.

Antibacterial, antidiarrheal, and anti-inflammatory effect

Experimental studies have shown that bayberry has an inhibitory effect on beriberi, Escherichia coli, and Shigella. It is also effective for people with dysentery.

Bayberry has a sour and astringent taste and has astringent and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition to its ability to inhibit bacteria, it can also cure all kinds of diarrhea.

Lower blood pressure and prevent stroke

The potassium content of fresh bayberry fruit is vibrant. Modern medical research has proved that potassium has remarkable effects in maintaining heart function, participating in metabolism, and lowering blood pressure. It also helps to regulate emotions, stabilize mood, and reduce the incidence of stroke.

Therefore, bayberry regulates and promotes blood circulation, regulates blood lipids, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and prevents stroke.

Diuresis and dehumidification effect

Bayberry fruits are high in potassium and contain a small amount of myricetin. Myricetin can stimulate the heart directly by acting on the kidneys and indirectly exert a strong diuretic effect.

In addition, it also has an anti-vascular penetration effect. Therefore, it has the effects of tonifying the kidney, diuresis, and dehumidification and has an extra remedial impact on rheumatic diseases such as arthritis.

Weight loss, beauty, and anti-aging effect

The cellulose in the pulp of the bayberry can stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines. Thus, it is beneficial to the excretion of harmful substances in the body and has a detoxification and beauty effect.

The anthocyanins and vitamin C contained in the bayberry have an excellent antioxidant function. It can improve immunity and resistance to free radicals, prevent aging, and inhibit cancer. The fruit acid contained in bayberry can avoid the conversion of sugar into fat in the body. It helps to lose weight and is an ideal fruit for weight loss.

What should you pay attention to when eating bayberry?

Eat bayberry

Rinse your mouth quickly after eating bayberry

The acidic substance in bayberry is difficult to decompose, so you should rinse your mouth quickly after eating bayberry. If you do not rinse your mouth in time, it will likely make your teeth sour and soft or directly lead to toothaches. The severe point also brings gastric ulcers.

Don’t eat with cucumber, milk, scallion, or radish

When eating bayberry, you can’t eat it with cucumber, milk, scallion, or radish at the same time. That is because it will destroy the nutrients in food and inhibit the absorption of nutrients conducive to the body’s health.

Clean the bayberry thoroughly before eating

When eating bayberry, pay attention to clean the bayberry thoroughly. If bayberry is not cleaned, it is easy to get sick. It is best to use salt water to soak it for more than 20 minutes before eating bayberry. It is more assured.

Who should not eat bayberry

Bayberry tree

Patients with cholecystitis and gallstones should not eat bayberry

Bayberry is acidic, acidic food not suitable for patients with cholecystitis and gallstones. Because of their physical condition can not eat acidic food. Acid food can stimulate the stomach and duodenum to secrete cholecystokinin, which causes gallbladder contraction and induces biliary colic.

Bayberry is not suitable for people with cholecystitis or gallstones. If they eat, it will cause more severe symptoms.

Diabetics should be careful with bayberry

Bayberry is rich in glucose, fructose, and so on. So if people with diabetes overeat, it will cause blood sugar to rise and aggravate the condition.

Patients with stomach problems should eat bayberry less

It is best to eat bayberry after meals for chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer patients. The fasting food can cause gastric acid secretion excessive and cause the illness to worsen. Bayberry is not suitable for people with stomach diseases, which will lead to excessive gastric acid and discomfort.

Can pregnant women eat bayberry

At present, it has not been found that bayberry has adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses. So pregnant women can eat bayberry, and it is beneficial to the body. Bayberry has many advantages to pregnant mothers, such as digestion, relieving heat, relieving diarrhea, diuresis, and so on.

How to choose the best bayberry

How to choose the best bayberry - Infographic

Look at the color

Pay attention to the color of bayberry when buying. It would be best if you chose bayberry with a dry touch and a dark red color. It is not good to buy bayberry that is over black and red. Cyan and cyan red bayberry also represent immaturely, so it’s best not to buy them.

Touch the flesh

In the process of buying, you can feel the flesh of the bayberry with your hand. If the flesh of bayberry is too crisp and soft, it is too ripe. If it is too hard, it means that it is immature. Generally, the taste of bayberry is not very good. If the meat is too hard, it is not yet fully mature, and it will have a sour and bad taste.


Pay attention to the smell when selecting bayberry. Fresh bayberry will have a fragrance, and if it is stored for a long time or improperly, it will have a faint smell of alcohol. It means that this bayberry has been fermented. So you don’t buy it.


It’s better you can taste bayberry when you choose it. It’s juicy and sweet. Unfortunately, many people don’t like to try it because there is no way to wash it before eating. Bayberry with no residue in your mouth is generally better after eating. However, some bayberry is dry and has less juice in the mouth if there is residue after eating, which means that the quality of bayberry is not good.

When buying bayberry, it is best to buy bayberry when it is just on the market. Don’t buy it after a small summer, because at that time bayberry is prone to maggots.

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