Camel milk is mainly produced in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mali, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, and Mauritania. It is the milk of animal camels, which is rich in nutrients.

It has exceptionally high nutritional value and functions of strengthening muscles and bones, filling the essence, resisting hunger, and quenching thirst. We don’t usually drink camel milk powder.

We usually drink ordinary milk. Camel milk powder is also a very nutritious dairy product. So, what are the benefits of drinking camel milk powder? Come with me to explore more.

What are the benefits of camel milk powder?

Two camels

High nutritional value

In terms of nutrients, camel milk powder is superior to cow milk powder. While the amount of protein and calcium is more than that of cow milk, and the amount of vitamin C is three times higher, the amount of fat is significantly lower.

It is a pretty healthy dairy product for the human body. It is ideal for those who are malnourished, have a poor immune system, or have a weak constitution.

Adjuvant diabetes remedy

Camel milk powder has some insulin-like components that can successfully lower blood glucose levels and minimize the body’s need for insulin, making it a useful adjunct in managing diabetes. However, for people with diabetes, avoiding consuming excessive amounts of camel milk is best.

Helps in getting to sleep

Camel milk powder is a nutritious and delicious milk powder that is hard to come by. There are essential amino acids in camel milk powder, including tryptophan and leucine. Drinking camel milk powder has been shown to have a calming impact on the body and mind, easing symptoms of stress and headaches. In addition, maintaining a positive outlook can aid in getting to sleep.

Preventions of rickets in children

There is a lot of calcium in camel milk powder. Calcium is a crucial mineral for kids’ healthy development and growth. In addition, children can supplement their diets with milk products made with camel milk powder to prevent vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, it will help to stop childhood rickets.

Promotes digestion

Camel milk prevents the destruction of unsaturated aldehydes and ketones in the body. As a result, it will aid in boosting intestinal peristalsis, digestion, and the proliferation of good bacteria in the intestine. It can also encourage the rapid multiplication of good bacteria in the intestines.

Boosts the immune system

The protein content of camel milk powder is exceptionally high. Drinking or eating dairy products made with camel milk powder improves and strengthens human immunity. As a result of drinking it, the baby’s health and fitness will improve significantly. People of older age or with weak constitution can also benefit from drinking this to strengthen their immune systems.

Can we drink camel milk powder for a long time?

Camel milk powder and milk

Drinking a long-term, healthy dose of camel milk powder is possible. Generally speaking, camel milk powder is a healthy and safe form of dairy with various nutritional benefits. Vitamins, minerals, and proteins like lactoferrin and lysozyme are just some of the nutrients that can be found in abundance in camel milk powder that is missing from regular milk.

In addition, drinking camel milk in moderation over a long time has positive health effects, especially for the elderly, as it helps strengthen the body, boosts immunity, and increases stamina.

Who cannot drink camel milk

There don’t appear to be any negative effects from drinking camel milk. On the contrary, it’s nice and toasty and tastes delicious. Many people can benefit from drinking it, especially those who require extra nutrients, like pregnant women and growing youngsters. However, those who suffer from stomach issues shouldn’t drink it.

However, camel milk is not suggested for patients with gastrointestinal problems since it includes a significant number of nutrients, including protein, which takes a long time to digest in the gastrointestinal tract and may cause discomfort after intake.

Can I take camel milk powder on an empty stomach?

Milking camel milk

Even though it’s OK to consume camel milk powder on an empty stomach, the body should absorb the nutrients if you first drink a glass of boiled water to replenish your body’s moisture levels and then consume camel milk powder.

Some claim that if you have an empty stomach and drink camel milk powder, your body will first use the protein in your food as fuel. In reality, without the presence of enzymes, the human body will first metabolize the lactose in camel milk to use it as an energy source.

In addition, the fat in camel milk can serve as a source of fuel, and only later will the animal begin to eat protein. Therefore, consuming camel milk on an empty stomach is not a nutritional waste. Although digestion and absorption rates will slow, the effects won’t be severe.


Sam Perera, Founder of Stethostalk, is a food safety follower and organic food lover. He has completed the PLANT-BASED NUTRITION Cornell Certificate Program, Cornell University, US. Before this, he worked for a few years in IT services. A dedicated follower of nature, he believes in healing with natural foods. In his free time, he loves Gardening, Blogging, and traveling.