Moringa seeds are a healthy food that has a good health care effect. I eat them raw, and their taste is a little bit bitter. The taste of Moringa seeds is different for different people. How to eat Moringa seeds best? Let’s have a look at different ways of eating them.

You can eat Moringa seeds in the following 3 ways.

01. Edible Moringa seed powder

  • Dry the Moringa seeds.
  • Take out the inner seeds.
  • Use a grinder to crush the inner seeds of the Moringa seeds into powder.
  • Pour 1 to 2 spoons of Moringa seed powder each time into a cup, and pour 300ml of boiling water.
  • After mixing well, let it cool, and drink.

Otherwise, you can use a small amount of water to dissolve the Moringa seed powder and then drink 300ml of warm water after one meal.

02. Drink Moringa seeds in water

  • Remove the outer shell of the moringa seeds.
  • Put the white inner seeds of the moringa seeds in a cup.
  • Pour 1 to 3 moringa seeds at a time.
  • Pour 400ml of boiling water into a bottle.
  • Close the lid, and let it pressure for 15 minutes.
  • You can drink water to eat Moringa seeds.

Generally, you can drink it 1 to 3 times a day.

03. Chew Moringa seeds

  • Peel off the shell of the moringa seeds.
  • Take the white meat and chew it directly.
  • Eat 2 pieces at a time, generally 1-3 times daily.
  • Drinking about 300ml of water after chewing the moringa seeds would be best.

To promote the absorption and metabolism of Moringa seeds, generally eat this way in the first week. After one week, you can add or subtract according to your physical condition.

How To Eat Moringa Seeds? Find Out The Best Way 2

Why you need to drink water when eating Moringa seeds

Eating Moringa seeds and then drinking water gives full play to the effects of Moringa seeds. This is because the nutrients in Moringa seeds need a lot of water to dissolve to be better digested and absorbed into the body. Thus it gives the best nourishing effect.

Moringa seeds are rich in nutrients, including various polysaccharides, starch, and cellulose. The starch will be decomposed into monosaccharides or maltose.

Maltose is easily soluble in water. Therefore, it is hydrolyzed into simple sugars when drinking water so that you will feel very sweet! However, it is only useful when polysaccharides are finally broken down into monosaccharides and are easily absorbed by the body.

Therefore, after eating Moringa seeds, you need to drink a lot of water, which is particularly helpful for detoxification and speeding up metabolism.

How much water should you drink after eating Moringa seeds

There is no straight answer to how much water to drink after eating Moringa seeds. Everyone can decide how much water to drink according to their own situation and drinking habits. Generally, it is OK to drink 300-500ml. Drinking plenty of water is good for the body, so drinking plenty of water after eating Moringa seeds is good.

People with abnormal liver function and metabolism will taste bitter when eating Moringa seeds for the first time. However, drinking 300-500ml of warm water after eating for a while can effectively improve sleep and enhance immunity after one to two months. Also, it speeds ​​up metabolism, detox, and loses weight.

Urination will be more frequent than usual after eating Moringa seeds because they have a diuretic effect. It can promote water circulation in the body and is also a kind of detoxification.

How much moringa seeds eat every day? How many capsules to take a day?

  1. After eating garlic and other heavy-tasting things, chew 1-2 capsules and drink water to remove the peculiar smell. It is healthier than eating chewing gum and other things, and the effect is speedy.
  2. Take 1-3 tablets daily, three times a day. Drink about 500ml of water after each meal. It can detoxify, promote body metabolism, promote defecation, and remove freckles.
  3. Take 2-3 capsules of Moringa seeds 15 minutes before drinking. It is less likely to get drunk. It will also reduce the uncomfortable feeling after being drunk. In addition, it can relieve skin allergies and eczema. You can eat it on an empty stomach in the morning and at noon. When eating, wash the Moringa seeds and eat them together with the husks of the Moringa seeds.
  4. 3-4 capsules can regulate blood sugar, lipid, and pressure. You can eat it on an empty stomach in the morning and at noon. Take 3-4 capsules each time, and drink water after eating. When eating moringa seeds, be careful to eat fewer sweets, heavy oil, and salty foods.

Note: Patients with heart disease should eat in moderation. It is not recommended for pregnant women with severe asthma and babies under six months of age. Please pay attention to the dosage limit. Overdose may cause diarrhea.

Can you eat Moringa seeds for a long time? Who can’t eat Moringa seeds?

Moringa seed is actually the vegetable of a natural plant. You can use moringa seed for a long time. It enhances immunity, and it can also help us delay the appearance of aging, have a detoxification effect, and treat chronic diseases.

Although You can eat it for a long time, You cannot use it in large quantities for a long time. Otherwise, it will cause side effects. However, this fruit’s impact is magical and can help us prevent chronic diseases.

Don’t eat Moringa seeds blindly with anything

Do not eat Moringa seeds with high-calcium foods

Because the oxalic acid contained in Moringa seeds is very high, if you take oxalic acid and calcium together, those two components will react in your body. That will result in a calcium oxalate substance, and calcium oxalate is a relatively indigestible ingredient.

If you often take Moringa seeds like this, it is easy to cause kidney stones. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid such a combination. In addition, common foods with high calcium content, including calcium tablets, shellfish, and animal bones, should be avoided.

Do not eat Moringa seeds with cold food.

Because the unsaturated fatty acids in Moringa seeds are very high, it will easily lead to indigestion problems if you take it with greasy or cold food. It may also cause diarrhea or trouble. So it is recommended to eat Moringa seeds with cold foods.

Do not eat with high protein foods.

Moringa seeds contain high protein and high fat. In the process of digesting Moringa seeds, the participation of the kidneys is demanded. Because of this, people with poor kidney function are advised not to take them. Otherwise, they will cause kidney stones.

Finally, let’s find out which people cannot eat Moringa seeds.

Heart disease patients

As mentioned above, the Moringa oxalic acid contained in Moringa has the effect of stimulating nerves, and its alkaloids have the effect of stimulating heart excitement. Therefore, it is recommended that people with heart disease should be cautious when eating Moringa.

People who are prone to stones

The content of Moringa oxalic acid contained in Moringa is an acceptable level for the average person. But for people prone to calculi stones, pay attention to eating because Moringa oxalic acid stimulates nerves and calculi.

Pregnant women, infants under 6 months, and patients with severe asthma

The alkaloids contained in the root bark and stem of Moringa oleifera may affect pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, we recommend that pregnant women should be cautious when eating Moringa. In addition, we recommend caution for infants under 6 months and patients with severe asthma.

Patients with hypertension

According to some modern medical experiments, the alkaloids in the root bark and stem of Moringa oleifera can easily stimulate the heart’s excitement. In addition, the different concentrations of stem extract will increase or decrease blood pressure, so patients with high blood pressure should take it under the guidance of a doctor.


What diseases does moringa seed cure?

Moringa seeds contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements. Eating Moringa seeds can lower blood pressure and lipids and sugar. It also helps to improve the body’s immunity.

Is moringa seed better than Leaf?

The nutritional value of Moringa seeds is higher, and it is normal for mature fruits to have higher nutritional value than tender leaves. The seeds and leaves of Moringa seeds are rich in nutrients, but Moringa seeds themselves contain alkaloids and flavonoids of Moringa.

Can I take moringa seed while menstruating?

You can eat Moringa seeds during menstruation. It will reduce your period cramps. It is a pure natural green food that contains the nutrients the human body needs, especially rich in trace elements and calcium, which can supplement the nutrients your body needs.

Is moringa seed an antibiotic?

The active ingredients in Moringa seeds have an excellent antibacterial effect. Recent research has shown Moringa seeds have good antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi, and yeast.


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