Milk and soy milk, when taken separately, contain several different nutrients. Also, the benefits to women in particular vary. Milk and soy milk are nutritious, delicious, and refreshing. So, which should be dominant in daily life? Which is more suitable for women? let’s have a look.

Milk or soy milk – nutritional components comparison

Nutritional value of milk

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  1. Milk contains vitamin D, which can avoid dry and dark yellow skin, make skin white, tender, and glossy.
  2. Milk contains a lot of B2, which can promote the basic metabolism of the skin.
  3. Whey in milk can remove pigment and prevent spots caused by a variety of pigmentation.
  4. Milk can produce closed vegetable oil for the skin, produce a plastic film to prevent the volatilization of skin water, and temporarily produce water, ensuring smooth and moist skin.
  5. Some substances in milk affect the circulatory system maintenance of middle-aged and older adults. Pure milk is usually thin and energetic, and the incidence rate of hypertension is also low, and the incidence rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is also less.
  6. Calcium in milk is most easily digested and absorbed, and the matching of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals is also very effective. Therefore, pregnant women should drink more milk. Middle-aged women around menopause often drink pure milk, which can alleviate the outflow of bone hyperplasia.

Nutritional value of soy milk

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  1. Strengthen your physique. Soy milk contains protein, fat, carbohydrate compounds, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamins, and vitamin B2, which is greatly enhancing resistance.
  2. Avoid diabetes. Soy milk has many methylcelluloses, which can reasonably prevent excessive absorption of sugar and reduce sugar. Therefore, it can avoid diabetes and is an indispensable food for people with diabetes.
  3. Prevent hypertension. Soy milk often contains soybean sterol, potassium, and magnesium, which are powerful salt and sodium-resistant substances. Sodium is one of the key root causes of hypertension. If the body can moderately control the total amount of sodium, it can prevent hypertension and prevent hardening of the blood vessels.
  4. Avoid bronchitis. The lysine in soy milk can avoid the spasm of smooth muscle in bronchitis to reduce and relieve the incidence of bronchitis.
  5. Avoid recession. The selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin C often contained in soy milk have a huge antioxidant effect, can make the body’s somatic cells “reverse growth,” and greatly affect brain nerves.
  6. The trace component isoflavones contained in soybeans also have health care effects on the human body, such as preventing cancer and osteoporosis.
  7. Soy milk can avoid older people’s stagnation, AIDS, constipation, obesity, and so on.

The difference between milk and soy milk

  1. The protein in soy milk is plant protein, and milk protein is animal protein. Therefore, the protein content of high-quality soy milk with the same capacity is basically the same as that of milk, and soy milk is closer to ideal protein than milk.
  2. The calcium content of mineral soy milk is lower than that of milk, but the iron content is 10 times that of milk. Therefore, drinking soy milk for a long time is of great help to treating iron deficiency anemia.
  3. Soy milk contains many unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid, among which the average content of linolenic acid is 6.8%. Human digestibility can be as high as 97.5%. In addition, the content of lecithin in soy milk is also higher than that of milk.
  4. Whole milk has high cholesterol content and is not suitable for consumers with high blood fat. And soy milk does not contain cholesterol. Long-term drinking helps soften the body’s cardiovascular system and has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.
  5. Basically does not contain the Bifidus factor in milk. Instead, soy milk contains more natural Bifidus factors such as oligosaccharides. Studies have shown that bifidobacteria produced by soy milk can effectively delay aging and promote metabolism.
  6. Milk has lactose. Many people have lactose discomfort. Soy milk has no lactose problem.
  7. Soymilk such as isoflavones and daidzein contains isoflavones and daidzein, while milk does not contain isoflavones and daidzein. The anti-cancer properties of isoflavones are very prominent, hindering the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Milk or soy milk! Which is more suitable for women to drink?

Milk or soy milk for women text

Both have good and bad effects. Soy milk is inferior to milk.

  1. Soy milk has low calcium.
  2. Soy milk does not contain vitamins A and D.
  3. The vitamins (vitamin food) B2 and B6 components in soy milk are significantly less than milk.

Soy milk has three advantages over milk.

  1. It contains green plant health ingredients, including soybean lecithin, soybean saponin, and soybean sugar content, which can help prevent various chronic diseases.
  2. With vitamin E and unsaturated fat, no cholesterol.
  3. Contains dietary fiber.

The proper way for women to drink soy milk is only due to the isoflavones in soybeans. They have the specificity of weak estrogen.

Soy milk can partially fill many problems caused by the reduction of estrogen levels for women in menopause. In addition, it can help, weak skin ductility, the accelerated outflow of bone calcium, heart rate flushing.


Sam Perera, Founder of Stethostalk, is a food safety follower and organic food lover. He has completed the PLANT-BASED NUTRITION Cornell Certificate Program, Cornell University, US. Before this, he worked for a few years in IT services. A dedicated follower of nature, he believes in healing with natural foods. In his free time, he loves Gardening, Blogging, and traveling.