What is the best time to drink honey water? This is the question most people want to know the most. So next, let me explain what the best time to drink honey water is and much more.

The correct way to take honey

1. Edible method

You can be mix fresh honey directly or in an aqueous solution. But don’t use it in boiling water or cooking at high temperatures. This is because high temperatures destroy active ingredients, such as enzymes and other active substances. Instead, honey is best after diluting with warm water or cold water below 40 degrees.

2. Taking time

Generally, 1 to 1.5 hours before meals, or 2 to 3 hours after meals, is the best time. However, people with neurasthenia should take it before going to bed every day.

3. Dosage

As a treatment or adjuvant treatment, 100 grams per day for adults, not more than 200 grams, should be taken three times in the morning, noon, and night. 30 grams for children is best, but it depends on age. As health care, the dosage can be reduced as appropriate, generally 10-50 grams per day.

When is it better to drink honey water

Some people are accustomed to drinking a cup of honey water on an empty stomach in the morning. It seriously harms. Honey is high in sugar. Usually, the fructose in honey is metabolized by the human body after drinking it. Then, It is converted into glucose, which is absorbed by the human body. Excessive accumulation of glucose is harmful to the body. So, when is it best to drink honey water?

Is it okay to drink honey at night before bed?

Honey is rich in magnesium, which can help you feel better and relieve stress. It is a good choice for women.

Also, it contains a large number of B vitamins. It affects you to calm and sleep. People who have insomnia can drink a cup of honey for half an hour before going to bed. The general recommendation is to drink a glass of water half an hour before bedtime. It stores water that the body needs for metabolism.

Calorie table of honey (per 100g)

Vitamin B2mg0.05
Vitamin Cmg3
Calorie table of honey (per 100g)

As you have seen in the chart, honey contains a lot of sugar. If you drink honey water before going to bed at night, these sugars are easily converted into fat and accumulate in the body. Therefore, weight gain can occur quickly.

You can only get a cup of honey water at night if you have insomnia or nervous tension. In this case, honey water can play a role in sleep. It’s a benefit only for those with insomnia. However, drinking honey water before bed is not recommended for everyone.

Also, you can mix honey with apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Here is the full article about it

The best time of the day to drink honey water

You can drink honey water when you wake up in the morning. About ten minutes after drinking warm water, you will get better results from using it. At night, our body consumes a large amount of water. So in the morning, our body is in a state of dehydration. After waking up, you need drinking water.

However, it is not advisable to drink honey water on an empty stomach. This is because it quickly stimulates the secretion of gastric acid. It causes gastric ulcers.

drink honey water wake up in the morning

First, drink a glass of warm water. Hot water can be absorbed directly into the body, thereby diluting the blood and promoting circulation. Therefore, it is recommended to drink honey 10 minutes after drinking warm water glass in the morning.

It is also good to drink honey water is from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm. That is after lunch and before dinner. During this time, the body consumes most of its energy. So when you are tired, drinking a cup of honey water can relieve fatigue and regain energy.

In this sense, it is very beneficial to drink a honey water glass after waking up in the morning and between 3:00 and 4:00 in the evening.
Here are two things to keep in mind when you drink.

  1. Drinking on an empty stomach can cause gastric ulcers.
  2. Drinking immediately after a meal may not fully digest the food and maybe detrimental to intestinal health.

Honey with cold water benefits

The main benefits of cold water honey are

  • Heat clearing
  • Moistening
  • Detoxification

This is suitable for people with a hot body constitution.

Honey is rich in pectin ingredient, which has a moisturizing effect on the intestines. At the same time, if it is soaked in cold water, it will become even cooler. Therefore, the effect of intestinal moisture and detoxification is at its best.

Honey contains several heat-sensitive active enzymes and vitamins. So if you soak honey in cold water, the active substances and vitamins are well preserved. Therefore its nutritional value increases.

Honey with warm water benefits

The main benefits of warm water honey are

  • Warming and revitalizing the spleen
  • Nourishing the stomach
  • Facilitating dampness and heat in the body

This is more suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach.

Honey may contain some bacteria. However, if you drink honey with hot water, you can kill the bacteria in the honey.

If hot water is used to make the honey drink, honey’s effect on moisturizing the intestines and laxatives is reduced. Therefore, some people with weak spleen and stomachs do not get diarrhea after drinking honey.

Overall benefits of drinking honey water everyday

Beautify the skin

In winter, dry skin, prolonged lack of moisture, skin wrinkles, dark spots, and other symptoms are common. In this case, it is advantageous for you to drink honey water properly. Or you can apply honey to the skin. It helps to prevent dry and cracked skin symptoms and makes the skin more delicate and smooth. You can mix honey with lemon for better results.

Honey Lemon Water For Glowing Skin & Weight Loss

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

High-quality honey can be stored for many years at room temperature without deterioration. That shows that its antiseptic ability is powerful. In fact, honey has a powerful bactericidal effect. It is resistant to Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and other bacteria. Therefore, a proper drink of honey water can inhibit bacterial inflammation and promote inflammation recovery.

Promote digestion

Honey stimulates the intestines and stomach, increases gastric acid secretion in the intestines and stomach, and helps digestion and absorption. Also, honey can improve gastrointestinal motility and help eliminate constipation, colitis, and the digestive system’s abnormal functioning.

Improve immunity

Honey contains many lytic enzymes and minerals. As a result, it can eliminate bacteria and microorganisms, improve the body’s immunity, destroy all types of cold bacteria and viruses, and restore the body’s health.

Improve sleep

Honey helps to release physical and mental stress, relieve nervous tension, and improve sleep quality. In addition, the glucose, phosphorus, and calcium in honey can regulate the endocrine system, reduce neurasthenia, and achieve a sedative effect. Usually, if you lack sleep or have insomnia, you can drink a cup of honey water before going to bed. It helps to promote deep sleep and makes the body and mind quieter.

Liver protection

Honey can promote the liver’s detoxification function, protect the liver’s metabolism, and stimulate liver tissue regeneration and reduce liver damage diseases. It is especially suitable for patients with chronic hepatitis and liver insufficiency. However, you must pay attention to control your intake. If you take too much honey water, it may cause damage to other tissues and organs.


The human body can easily absorb fructose in honey. They can provide great energy to the human body, improve blood circulation, and reduce energy depletion when tired. It is often beneficial to drink a glass of honey water in the usual way for late or mentally active people. It will make them more energetic in a short time.

Promoting longevity

Scholars in the former Soviet Union have investigated more than 200 adults over the age of 100. Of these, 143 are beekeepers, confirming that longevity is linked to regular honey consumption. But the promotion of longevity by honey is a broad regulation of man. It is not just a function of an organ in the body.

Promoting body development

Honey has the effect of promoting growth and development. Children who are frail, sick, and have poor physiques can add more honey to their diet. But babies under 1 year of age should not take honey.

17 Foods that you should not eat with honey and their effects

  1. Honey + Yuba: hearing loss, diarrhea
  2. Honey + Rice: affect digestion and absorption
  3. Honey + Shredded tofu: hearing loss, diarrhea
  4. Honey + Thousand sheets (mille-feuille): hearing loss, diarrhea
  5. Honey + Plums: damage the five internal organs
  6. Honey + Bei Tofu (Three-cup tofu): hearing loss, diarrhea
  7. Honey + River crab: eating together can cause poisoning, can be treated with ground slurry water
  8. Honey + Onion: eating together will hurt the eyes, cause eye discomfort, and severely blindness
  9. Honey + Lettuce: unfavorable to the stomach and easily cause diarrhea
  10. Honey + Dried tofu: hearing loss, diarrhea
  11. Honey + Wild Rice (Zizania): cause chronic diseases
  12. Honey + Spinach: cause heartache
  13. Honey + Leek: eating together will hinder blood circulation
  14. Honey + Soy milk: the protein in soy milk is higher than that in milk, and the two conflicts with each other, resulting in denatured precipitation, which cannot be absorbed by the body
  15. Honey + Oily tofu: hearing loss, diarrhea
  16. Honey + Crab: poisoning
  17. Honey + Crucian carp: eating together will cause poisoning

08 foods that suitable to eat with honey to get better results

  1. Honey + Pumpkin Seeds: Can repel roundworms.
  2. Honey + Snow Pear: Relieve Cough
  3. Honey + Sydney: Relieve cough
  4. Honey + Milk: Relieve Anemia and Dysmenorrhea
  5. Honey + Carrots: Detoxification
  6. Honey + Pear: Relieve Cough
  7. Honey + Chrysanthemum: Prevent Constipation
  8. Honey + Cucumber: laxative

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