Drinks can be seen everywhere in our life. Various flavors meet various needs, but some strange drinks make people wonder why they exist. So what’s the taste of the most wonderful drink you’ve ever drunk? This article brings you the world’s top ten most exotic drinks, such as elephant dung beer, wasp wine, mouse wine, cow urine beverage, and a series of drinks that people can’t accept just by name. So which one do you want to try?

Elephant dung beer

Three elephant dung beer bottles

On April Fool’s Day, a brewery in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture sells a limited amount of strong beer brewed from elephant dung coffee beans. It has a coffee-like aroma, which will diffuse at this time, making people feel relaxed and leisurely like Sunday morning.

After entering the mouth, the bitter taste on the tongue is instantly overwhelmed by the sweet aroma that follows. It is also worth mentioning that elephant dung coffee has replaced cat dung coffee and become the most luxurious coffee in the world. The price of a kilogram is 14000JPY.

Wasp wine

Wasp wine bottle

Japanese bumblebee is a highly toxic bee. They have a poisonous sting of nearly 10 cm and 6 mm, and the venom emitted is highly corrosive. However, some people are willing to take personal risks. Even if they get stung, they should try to catch them to brew a special insect wine.

This kind of fermented wasp wine, which has no appetite at all, presents a color of rotten mud and smells a bit like the smell of a rotten corpse. So if you ask about the taste of this wine, I can only say that like ordinary insect wine, let the saltiness of bee corpse linger on your tongue all the time. But unfortunately, this kind of wine has not been officially mass-produced by the manufacturer.

Rat wine

Rat wine bottle

Rat wine is a specialty of China Guangdong Province. It uses hairless mice and ordinary rice wine that have just been born and have not opened their eyes.

It is said that the brewed rat wine can expel wind, circulate Qi, remove blood stasis, replenish blood, enhance liver function and prevent vascular sclerosis. It has sound effects in fighting to age and delaying puberty. It is a natural beauty and fitness product.

Cow urine drink

Cow urine drinking

As the name suggests, the raw material is cow urine. This drink was originated in 2015. In addition to cow urine, some useful medical and Ayurvedic herbs are added. Because it is very hot in summer in India, it sells very well in summer. Because it tastes a little like zero coke. Its taste is sweet. It’s best not to drink too much. Ha Ha, one bottle is enough.

Breast milk drink

Breast milk drinks

The source of milk is not cows but women in lactation. What puzzles me is, is the audience of such breast milk drinks only infants? If you want to retrieve your childhood memories, just try it.

Placenta Peach Juice

Placenta Peach Juice

This drink was developed in Japan, and this placenta is made of pig placenta. Its raw material is the ground placenta. To remove the awful taste of the placenta, the researchers added peach-flavored spices to it. Still, the taste is weird. I will not recommend pouring it in a glass if you want to try it. Because the drink’s color is a bit like the color of blood. This drink is equivalent to JPY 120.

Blue-green Pepsi iced cucumber drink

four pepsi iced cucumber bottles

In 2007, Pepsi-Co launched a unique iced cucumber beverage in Japan. It is a mixed beverage of cucumber and cola, and it is not just a simple cola beverage. It tastes sweet and has a fruity taste.

You should know that such a blue-green Pepsi iced cucumber beverage will definitely subvert your imagination of Pepsi Cola. Take a sip of mint, and the refreshing cucumber will rush from your mouth to your head. This is absolutely what Pepsi Cola can do!

Korean kimchi-flavored drink

Three kimchi drink cans

We know from many Korean dramas that Koreans are obsessed with kimchi. Because whether it is for breakfast or dinner, Korean kimchi has never been quit on the table of Koreans. You can never imagine Koreans the fascination with Korean kimchi has led them to make a drink of kimchi flavor. Imagine how your drink tasted the taste of kimchi. How would it feel?

Japanese beer for kids

Japanese beer for kids

The rule that minors are not allowed to drink is absolutely abided by the people of the whole country, regardless of the country or region.

What about the children’s beer produced in Japan? It turned out to be a completely non-alcoholic but beer-like children’s beer made by the Japanese to prevent children from drinking beer, and children will want to drink beer secretly! It’s really the right medicine!

Eel Energy Drink

Three eel drink bottles

In Japan, people drink eel soup, eel wine, or eel energy drinks when they want to refresh themselves. This yellow “Eel Surge” drink contains extracts from the eel’s skull, and it tastes “fishy” or slightly fishy.


Sam Perera, Founder of Stethostalk, is a food safety follower and organic food lover. He has completed the PLANT-BASED NUTRITION Cornell Certificate Program, Cornell University, US. Before this, he worked for a few years in IT services. A dedicated follower of nature, he believes in healing with natural foods. In his free time, he loves Gardening, Blogging, and traveling.