Olive oil is widely used in daily life and can be divided into two types: edible and skincare. The refining materials, refining processes, and ingredients of these two olive oil products are very different, so we cannot directly use edible olive oil for skincare. Of course, if it is a good grade of extra virgin olive oil, it can also be used for skincare.

Essence olive oil has the functions of face care, lip care, skincare, haircare, makeup removal, bathing, slimming, etc. In daily life, we can use essential olive oil as a massage oil, and you can also use it to help with makeup. Come and see the functions of essential olive oil with me.

What are the beauty functions of olive oil

Face protection effect

After washing your face, use “olive oil + salt” to gently massage your face repeatedly to scrub and moisturize. Then use a steamer or a hot towel to cover the face to remove the dirt invisible to the naked eye and increase the luster and elasticity of the skin.

Prevent itching

During the dry season, olive oil prevents skin cracking and itching caused by underproduction of the skin. People with dry skin are most afraid of winter when the low humidity makes your skin itchy and at a loss.

Especially after taking a bath, it feels unbearably itchy. If the skin is very dry, even the usual body lotion is applied. You can use olive oil because the vitamins A, D, and E in olive oil have therapeutic effects on wrinkles and skin allergies.

Lip care effect

Girl lips

When the weather suddenly turns cold, has a cold, or has a bad stomach, people often experience peeling and chapped lips. At this time, as long as a small amount of olive oil is applied, your lips can be re-glossy after two or three days.

There are still many women who use olive oil to replace lip gloss so that the lips show a natural luster. But, of course, the effect is not as long as lip gloss.

Moisturize the skin

Applying olive oil on the surface of the washed skin is beneficial for maintaining moisture and nourishing the skin, eliminating and delaying the appearance of wrinkles and slowing down the degree of skin aging.

Hand joints, foot joints, and buttocks are prone to dryness and wrinkles. Regular use of olive oil can restore the skin’s natural elasticity. However, the skin is relatively dry in autumn and winter, especially on the legs and arms.

Rubbing olive oil in summer can prevent UV damage to the skin and avoid sunburn, burst skin, and peeling. In winter, use olive oil to wipe your face, lips, hands, and feet to moisturize and protect the skin and prevent roughness and dryness. Postpartum massage with olive oil on the abdomen can help eliminate stretch marks. Rub the navel and belly with olive oil and massage with hands to help degrade subcutaneous fat and lose weight.

Haircare effect

General hair care is as simple as dipping three or four drops of olive oil on your comb before brushing, and it doesn’t make your hair greasy.

Also, after shampooing, dry your hair like a conditioner, apply olive oil evenly, then wrap your hair with a hot towel for 10 minutes to make your hair shiny and soft.

Help with makeup

It is not easy to apply makeup when working too tired or lacking sleep. At this point, you can turn to olive oil. The method is to drop 1-2 drops of olive oil in the basic cosmetics and evenly apply it to the face after rubbing, and the skin will immediately become shiny and vivid.

Before applying foundation cream, use olive oil to make a thin base and then makeup so that you can maintain your makeup until the night without falling off.

Makeup remover

This is a rarely mentioned role. Ladies who use dry powder as foundation usually have a problem; the powder has to be rubbed hard to stick to the face. However, the skin tends to age due to vigorous rubbing, and wrinkles will appear on the face over time.

Olive oil can remove makeup. When used as a makeup remover, the dosage is smaller than that of applying makeup. Just take a small amount on a cotton pad and gently wipe the makeup off your face to effectively remove oil and chemicals.

Pre bath treat

Just soak the olive oil with cotton, apply it evenly all over the body, wrap it in a hot towel for 10 minutes, and wash it off with warm water.

Slimming supporter

High-purity olive oil can be drunk directly, which helps to promote the body’s metabolism and excretion. Drinking one or two tablespoons of olive oil on an empty stomach every morning will have a particular slimming effect.

Use as a massage oil

Boy massages girl with oil

Take a hot bath first, light an incense stick, and then let your lover use olive oil to do a full-body massage for yourself when his (her) fingers are thoughtfully walking on your skin. Is it a bit like being in heaven?

You can use it directly for massage, or you can take half a cup of olive oil, add a few drops of rose perfume, add half a tablespoon of honey and a small amount of water to make massage oil. Olive oil is also the best; the full body massage oil effectively relieves pain and fatigue.

Apply on the navel and abdomen massage with palms in circles. It can promote blood circulation and skin metabolism and help lose weight.

Use as an eye cream

Rub a little olive oil around your eyes before bed to avoid eye bags. Then, at night, apply olive oil to eyelashes to promote eyelash growth. It works even better if you add sliced ​​lemon zest to a small oil bottle.

Difference between edible olive oil and skincare olive oil

Different refining materials

Edible oil is extracted from the olive fruit, including peel, pulp, and core, and is not necessarily fresh fruit. Skincare olive oil is made from fresh and high-quality olive fruit meat. It is the best part of the olive pulp.

Different refining processes

Skincare olive oil is generally refined by cold pressing. It is olive crude oil. Many times, it has been refined to remove the ingredients harmful to the skin. Edible olive oil has only been roughly refined and contains a lot of impurities.

Different composition

Edible oil contains polyphenols, and other substances contain very high unsaturated fatty acids, which is easy to cause skin allergy. In addition, it has high acid value and color value, high acid value, easy to destroy the weak acid protective film of the skin, easy to tease, and high color value, easy to darken the skin. Although skincare olive oil also contains polyphenols, it contains very little.

Can edible olive oil protect skin

You cannot directly use edible olive oil for beauty and skincare. Edible olive oil should also be graded. If it is high-grade extra virgin olive oil, you can also use it for skincare. You should note that the refining technology of olive oil in some countries is not mature enough, so please review it before using it. To ensure the quality and effect of our use, we’d better choose big brand products.

How much is a bottle of skincare olive oil

Skincare olive oil is different from edible olive oil. In the refining process, the beauty oil is refined many times to remove the ingredients unfavorable to the skin, which is milder, and therefore the price is higher. Generally speaking, about 100 ml of skincare olive oil costs about 20-30 USD. Of course, the specific price will change with the market.

How to choose olive oil for beauty

Olive oil pouring to bowl

Look at the grade

Olive oil is a pale yellow transparent liquid squeezed from olive oil fruit and can be divided into four grades. Virgin olive oil is second-class in quality and can be used for beauty and skincare.

Refined virgin olive oil belongs to the third-class olive oil category. Pure olive oil can only be used for food, not for beauty and skincare. It belongs to the fourth-class olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil belongs to the highest grade of olive oil and can be used for beauty and skincare.

Look at the origin

The origin of olive oil determines the price of olive oil. The three main olive oil-producing countries in the world are Spain, Greece, and Italy. Therefore, the quality is trustworthy if you see that the olive oil is produced from these three countries.

Look at the color

Generally, the brighter the color of olive oil, the better the quality, and the darker the color, the decreased the quality of olive oil. On the contrary, the more turbid the olive oil, the worse the quality.

In addition, the production time of olive oil also determines the freshness of olive oil, which also needs to be taken into account.

Look at the acid value

Generally, regular olive oil will indicate the acid value of olive oil. The acid value of the best olive oil will not exceed 1%, and that of high-quality virgin olive oil will not exceed 2%. You can use the first two olive oils for skincare. You can use olive oil for beauty if the acid value is less than 2%.

Find how processed

You should use beauty olive oil on the face. It should be cold-pressed olive oil because the olive oleic acid value produced by the cold pressing process is relatively low, less irritating, and not easy to cause allergy.

Generally, the cold-pressed olive oil bottle should be marked with “cold-pressed,” which can be used as a basis for consumers to judge.

Look at the packaging

Olive oil bottles

Olive oil will produce a chemical reaction after illumination. Therefore, the perfect olive oil should be packed in dark bottles to avoid the loss of nutrition due to lighting and prolong the shelf life.


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