Eucommia tea is a kind of health drink made from eucommia ulmoides leaves. It tastes bitter and sweet, and regular drinking is beneficial to health. For example, drinking a cup before going to bed is of high health value without any side effects. It is a good drink for the liver and kidneys, anti-aging, and beauty.

In recent years, experts have repeatedly studied the elements of eucommia. They identified 15 kinds of mineral elements in eucommia, including trace elements such as zinc, copper, and iron. Also, they identified macro elements such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

Eucommia tea health benefits

The book “compendium of Materia Medica” records that “Eucommia can tonify the essence of liver and kidney, strengthen the muscles and bones, treat kidney deficiency and lower back pain, elegance the body and anti-aging.” Eucommia has also been listed as the top grade in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years.

Protects liver and kidneys

Aucubin in flowers of eucommia has obvious liver protection activity. It can also promote the regeneration of hepatocytes and significantly inhibit the replication of hepatitis B virus DNA.

Studies have shown that drinking eucommia tea is beneficial to accumulating liver glycogen. Thus, it can protect the liver and kidneys.

Eucommia tree

Lowers blood pressure and lipid

High blood pressure can cause dizziness, headache, and weakness. The water-soluble extracts of iridoid glycosides and lignans from eucommia bark can effectively relieve the symptoms of dizziness, headache, and weakness and reduce blood pressure.

Eucommia tea contains many active ingredients, such as pinoresinol diglucoside and chlorogenic acid. When chlorogenic acid enters the body, it can effectively promote the body’s metabolism and lower blood pressure.

However, drinking eucommia tea at regular doses has minimal effect on lowering blood pressure. Therefore, it cannot be used as a medicine to treat high blood pressure. It can only be used as an ancillary blood pressure-reducing drink.

Experiments have shown that the effective rate of eucommia tea for regulating blood pressure exceeds 92%. Also, that proved blood pressure is normalized without any side effects when drinking eucommia tea.

Enhances immunity

The drop of immunity in the body will cause the emergence of physical diseases. Drinking eucommia tea can effectively regulate the immune cells in the body and improve the body’s immune function. Also, it plays a better role in promoting cell generation and strengthening the body.

Eucommia tea is rich in active polysaccharide substances, which can enhance the body’s immunity. In addition, it has two-way regulation of cellular immune function so that the body’s immune function is always in a good state.

At the same time, eucommia participates in the regulation of cardiovascular, which is very beneficial to maintaining human health.

Prevents constipation and regulates urination

Eucommia tea has a unique effect in treating constipation. It contains aucubin, making our intestinal peristalsis faster and facilitating urine. Also, aucubin has diuretic, cleansing, and intestinal peristalsis effects, which is effective for constipation.

Eucommia tea can effectively remove the toxicity in the body and decompose cholesterol and solid fat. As a result, people with certain sensitive bodies may have a slight defecation phenomenon at the beginning of drinking eucommia tea. However, it becomes normal after the body removes the toxicity and adapts.

Improves sleep and soothes the nerves

Eucommia tea is suitable for people who have insomnia. The magical substance in eucommia scented tea has a calming effect. It is actually a natural amino acid called theanine.

Theanine is automatically converted into GABA after entering the digestive tract. It has a strong sedative effect. Insomniacs can fall asleep faster by taking two theanine capsules.

Eucommia tea does not contain caffeine like coffee and tea. So taking it will not cause insomnia, and there is no addiction. So you can drink some eucommia tea at regular times. It can calm the nerves and help you sleep.

The natural active ingredients of eucommia have soothing, relaxing, and analgesic effects, and long-term use can significantly improve sleep. It is especially suitable for patients who are not eligible for drinking due to insomnia.

Drinking eucommia tea

Treats for erectile dysfunction

Eucommia has the function of stimulating the pituitary and adrenal cortex systems. It continuously improves adrenal cortex function (secreting steroid hormone) and sexual function. Therefore, it has a good effect on impotence, spermatorrhea, and kidney deficiency.

Protects skin and beautifies the body

Skin aging is mainly caused by the loss of collagen elasticity between dermal cells under the skin. The natural active ingredients contained in eucommia tea can delay aging. It can accelerate the metabolism of collagen protein and improve the synthesis ability of collagen protein. So it can prevent or delay skin wrinkles and aging and increase skin luster.

At the same time, taking eucommia tea for a long time can promote blood circulation and the body’s metabolic function. Also, It promotes the activation of brain cells and prevents senile dementia.

In addition, eucommia can also be crushed and applied on the skin’s surface to treat infections caused by wounds and promote wound healing.

Eucommia tea has a high antioxidant effect

Eucommia tea has an antioxidant effect. As a result, it can promote the synthesis and decomposition of protein collagen in skin, bone, and muscle and make it metabolize as soon as possible. In this way, it can prevent aging. In addition, it can also prevent muscle and bone aging and prevent osteoporosis.

Eucommia tea loses weight

Taking eucommia tea continuously for more than one month can significantly reduce neutral fat content under the skin and around the human body’s intestines. As a result, it can prevent obesity and loss of weight of people who are not exercising, no change in diet and life.

Eucommia tea can promote the metabolism of collagen protein, which connects cells. Also, it can accelerate the synthesis of other proteins, consume energy in the body, and naturally reduce the accumulation of fat in the body.

Treats chronic diseases

Eucommia tea can use for chronic joint diseases, dysmenorrhea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and other diseases. It is also used for chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and liver and kidney deficiency.

Eucommia bark vs. eucommia leaves

Scientific research has proved that the chemical components of eucommia leaves and bark are basically the same, and the pharmacological effects of eucommia leaves and bark are basically the same.

But Eucommia leaves can be used as an important medicine for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and Eucommia bark does not have this property.

Also, eucommia bark needs to be simmered for two hours, and then you can get effective results. But you can get the nutritional results of Eucomia tea after brewing it for only five minutes.

Instructions for making and drinking eucommia Tea

  1. Put eucommia (5-10g) in a porcelain or glass cup with a lid
  2. Add 1 cup/500 mL of freshly boiled water to your cup
  3. Cover the lid and brew for 5 minutes
  • It is good to drink it three times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • If you are drinking eucommia tea first, drink a small amount. Then gradually increase the size as the body slowly adapts.
  • It is best for you not to drink too much at night.
  • When you wake up in the morning, you can drink hot water on an empty stomach. Then drink eucommia tea as you like.

How to identify the best eucommia tea

Eucommia tea categories

The production process of eucommia tea can be divided into the following three categories according to picking raw materials at the initial production stage.

  1. First-grade eucommia tea

This kind of eucommia tea is picked from the eucommia tree just sprouting time of eucommia leaves. The taste is light.

  1. Second-grade tender leaf eucommia tea

This kind of eucommia tea is refined from Eucommia leaves in spring. The taste is slightly bitter.

  1. Third-grade mature eucommia tea

This kind of eucommia tea is collected from the leaves of the Eucommia tree in late spring and summer, which tastes bitter. But it works best.

Identification points of the best eucommia tea

Eucommia leaves, bark, and branches are rich in eucommia gum. There will be fine white silk pulled out when it breaks, just like lotus root. Even if it is soaked into tea, it can also pull out fine silk when broken. It is the identification mark of authentic eucommia tea.

White silk of eucommia leaves
  1. Look at the appearance of eucommia tea

Look at the shape and color of the tea. The good tea color is basically green, and the bar is more uniform. In addition, you should pay special attention to whether there are old leaves or dead leaves in the eucommia tea. If there are, the quality of the tea is average. The most crucial point is that authentic eucommia tea has silk drawings.

  1. Smell the eucommia tea

If the tea looks good, you can pick it up and smell it. Usually, a good tea will smell fragrant. And the poor quality tea will smell a musty smell, like a stewed.

  1. Soaking in the water and test

Although some teas on the market look good in color, it is possible that they added some chemicals in the production process. Therefore, it is best to brew it and taste it when buying tea.

Usually, good tea is very clear in appearance. If not, it is turbid. It’s also necessary to taste the tea after brewing. If you feel that the tea refreshes your throat, lips, and teeth, It is generally good tea.

On the contrary, if you feel bitter and numb in your mouth, it is likely to be summer tea, and the quality will not be good.

Precautions for taking eucommia tea

Eucommia Tea Benefits, Uses, and Precautions 2

Don’t drink immediately. Store in a cool, dry place

It does not need to drink eucommia tea immediately after brewing. Instead, it is best to store it in a cool, dry place and drink it. Or it can be stored in the fridge. These methods can significantly extend the shelf life and freshness of the tea.

Don’t drink eucommia tea if you have a cold or fever

You should not drink too much eucommia tea when you have a cold and fever. In this situation, the body is hot. Drinking eucommia tea is equal to adding fuel to the fire. Therefore, you should drink more boiled water during the cold or fever.

Don’t drink if your body is dry or angry.

If your body is dry or angry, you should avoid drinking eucommia tea. These types of people can easily cause different degrees of dizziness, fatigue, heart palpitations, and drowsiness. Therefore, when starting to drink eucommia tea, you should first consult a professional doctor to understand your physique and see if you are suitable for drinking it.

Sometimes mild diarrhea can occur

Eucommia tea can effectively remove waste in the body and positively affect fat decomposition. However, some people have mild diarrhea when they start taking eucommia tea. This is because his body is more sensitive. If these situations occur, you do not have to worry about them. This condition is normal for the first few days and then disappears.

Add an additional taste of your choice

It is good to use ice for the eucommia tea when soaking in water for a better taste. You can add some honey, sugar, chrysanthemum, and Ganoderma lucidum in an appropriate amount according to your preferences.

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