Do you know how to drink milk powder for pregnant women better? When pregnant women drink milk powder is also very particular, and it is also crucial to know what milk powder pregnant women drink. The following I will answer for you, teach you how to drink milk powder for pregnant women and choose the milk powder that benefits you and your baby.

Is it compulsory to drink milk powder during pregnancy

Do you need to drink maternity milk powder during pregnancy? Many people are not sure. Even if the dietary structure of pregnant mothers is reasonable and balanced, some nutrients, such as calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D, folic acid, etc., cannot be met by the body only from dietary intake.

Pregnant women’s milk powder contains almost all the nutrients that pregnant women need. Therefore, you should drink milk powder for pregnant women to meet the needs of pregnant mothers for various nutrients.

When to start drinking milk powder during pregnancy

When should you start drinking milk powder for pregnant women? It is recommended to start drinking it when you are preparing for pregnancy. It will help conducive the nutritional reserve after conception, which can improve the level of nutrients in the body and also be conducive to conception and pregnancy.

Another time period is that it is more suitable to start drinking when the fetus is three and a half months old. This is because the fetus needs a lot of calcium for growth. During this period, the mother must ensure a sufficient energy supply.

Pregnant mother drinking milk

Which is healthier, milk or milk powder during pregnancy

Regarding nutritional content, milk powder for pregnant women is better than fresh milk. Currently, the freshest milk on the market is fortified with nutrients such as vitamins A and D or only some calcium. In contrast, milk powder for pregnant women has almost been fortified with various vitamins and minerals needed by pregnant women.

For example, calcium is 3.5 times that of ordinary milk, providing sufficient calcium for pregnant women and fetuses to prevent calcium deficiency diseases.

Do you need to supplement other nutrients when drinking milk powder

In principle, there is no need to supplement other nutrients after drinking milk powder for pregnant women if there are no particular circumstances so as not to cause excessive nutritional intake.

Pregnant women’s milk powder is rich in various vitamins and minerals needed during pregnancy, which can basically meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers are prone to calcium deficiency. Therefore, if you still have severe cramps after drinking pregnant women’s milk powder, taking calcium tablets to supplement calcium is recommended.

What is the best time to drink milk powder during pregnancy

According to pregnant women’s milk powder instructions, eating twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, is best.

However, because everyone has different eating habits and dietary structures, the intake of nutrients is not precisely the same. Therefore, it is best to make some appropriate increase or decrease under the guidance of nutrition experts or doctors to avoid excess nutrients and even poisoning.

Milk Powder

Which milk powder is good for pregnancy

First of all, pregnant women should understand their nutritional status. There are nutrition clinics or health clinics in major hospitals. Pregnant women can go there and have a doctor thoroughly inspect their nutritional status.

For example, they can see if they lack trace elements or mineral substances. Then ask the doctor for nutritional advice and choose pregnant women’s milk powder according to their conditions.

Secondly, it depends on the pregnant woman’s pregnancy reaction. Some pregnant women are very sensitive to taste, love certain tastes, or dislike particular tastes, so they should choose pregnant women’s milk powder according to the tastes of pregnant women. So, it is time to put the dads to the test.

It is recommended to choose a big brand. Big brands are generally strong, mature in all aspects, and pay more attention to the credibility of the products, so the product quality is more reliable and guaranteed.

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How to buy milk powder for pregnant mothers

Maternity Milk Powder

Pay attention to nutrient labeling

See if it fits and meets your needs. There are many kinds of pregnant women’s milk powder, and the nutrients contained in pregnant women’s milk powder produced by different manufacturers are not exactly the same.

Check the packaging carefully

The regular manufacturer’s packaged milk is intact, smooth, and tidy, with clear patterns and high printing quality. It is clearly marked with trademark, manufacturer name, production date, production batch number, net content, nutritional composition table, executive standard, applicable object, edible method, etc.

Check the color of the milk powder

The high-quality pregnant women’s milk powder color is generally milky white or milky yellow. The particles are uniform, with no visible impurities in the product and no accumulation. Moreover, put the milk powder into the cup and make it with warm water. If it is high-quality milk powder, the water and milk powder will dissolve together without precipitation after standing for a few minutes.

Is the after-sales service good?

Regular pregnant women’s milk powder manufacturers often print service information such as consultation hotline and company website on the package to facilitate consumers’ consultation and guide consumption.

Is the price reasonable?

According to the circumstances, the nutritional level of milk powder for pregnant women is high. As a result, according to the nutritional needs of pregnant women, manufacturers will appropriately add high-quality milk powder with special formula nutrients stipulated by the states, such as folic acid, DHA, etc. Therefore, it can better meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women.

Therefore, the sales price of pregnant women’s milk powder is generally not too low. However, if the retail prices of milk powder for pregnant women are too low, you should be carefully considered when purchasing.

Distinguish the pros and cons from the sound

Although the milk powder can’t be seen in the bag, you can hold the package with your hand and shake it to hear whether it will make a “rustling” sound and make the sound clear.

Is there any abnormal smell and taste

High-quality milk powder has milk flavor, slight vegetable oil flavor, no odor, and moderate sweetness.

Milk Powder and jug

I believe that after reading this special topic on pregnant women’s milk powder, you have understood when to drink pregnant women’s milk powder and what kind of milk powder pregnant women drink.

The baby mainly absorbs the mother’s nutrition, so most mothers are prone to cramps, especially at three or four o’clock in the evening. So remember to drink a glass of milk before going to bed every day! For the baby to be born healthily, we should pay special attention to every detail during pregnancy and childbirth.


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